Health for All?

A great deal of expenditure and time has been devoted to tackling Health inequalities, but they still persist and in fact the gap is still widening. Do the health authorities need to approach this important issue from a different angle. Community organisations and individuals offer some suggestions.

Hackney is one of the poorest boroughs in obtaining good health for it's residents. Health Inequalities are further compounded in Hackney because of language and cultural barriers.

The video will inform health policy makers and health staff in better understanding the views and needs of the people they are trying to serve.The root causes of Health Inequalities and possible solutions identified by those affected can only help to reduce Health Inequalities. Some causes may needs resources to address, while other may just needs operational changes to have a significant impact in reducing Health Inequalities.

The video will be an invaluable tool for informing health policy makers and managers, health staff and practioners. As well as screened to community audiences, and in School settings.