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  • A conference to launch the research report and DVD
  • My Place? DVD
  • Research project with Middlesex University
  • Producing a DVD with participation from refugees

Refugee Homelessness Project

The project had three areas of focus.
  1. Producing a DVD with participation from refugees who have had experience of homelessness.
  2. Research project with Middlesex University looking at the root causes of refugee homelessness.
  3. A conference to launch the research report and DVD, as well as having focus groups to look at making recommendations to local authorities and central government.
My Place? DVD
  • What are the key issues surrounding Refugee Homelessness?
  • What can local authorities and the Government do to support refugees facing homelessness?
  • This DVD contains interviews with refugees who are homeless or have faced homelessness, their struggle to find a place in society, as well as service providers and campaigners.

Link to DVD

Refugee Homelessness Conference

54 people attended the conference, organised in partnership with Hackney Refugee Forum.

Keynote speaker at the conference was Shubu Oluwale from Alone in London. Refugee Homelessness DVD ‘My Place?’ was screened, and Young Homeless Refugees in London.

An exploratory research report was presented by Alessio D’Angelo from Middlesex University.

Participants were asked to complete consultation cards. What recommendations would they like to make to Local Authorities and Central Government about tackling Refugee Homelessness.

Below is a small sample of responses.

Local Authorities
  • Having a drop in centre to help homeless people.
  • Help refugees in priority need more.
  • Help children and pregnant women.
  • By providing homes which are already kept empty by local authorities.
  • Provide interpreters to enable a person to tell the story of how and why they became homeless or a refugee so that lots of services can be provided (recognising that there may be experiences difficult to talk about).
  • Better coordination among service providers both within each borough and across boroughs.
  • Support with appropriate housing and access to health care.
  • More accurate research; identify the key issues and take it to the government- and insist on change.
Central Government
  • To make sure local authorities provide accommodation and jobs.
  • Support and fund cross sector cooperation.
  • Authorities encouraging refugee involvement in addressing issues and creating solutions.
  • Can provide funding for refugees after leaving NASS accommodation.
  • Producing job opportunities and by not denying people’s application for refugee status.
  • Policy that recognises UKs responsibility to provide asylum and equal services to refugees.
  • Change law on access to housing and not limit it to dispersal areas.
  • Giving asylum seekers a right to health care.
Refugee Homelessness Research
  • Homelessness among young people is increasing. The impact of homelessness amongst young refugees is more pronounced because they often do not have the knowledge, confidence or support to help them escape a downward spiral that consigns them to poverty.
  • The aim of this research was to raise awareness on homeless refugees and help their integration into society.
Themes explored include:
  • What are the underlying causes of refugee young adult homelessness
  • How to intervene early to prevent homelessness amongst refugee young adults
  • How to provide support to vulnerable young refugees
  • What range of housing options for refugee young people can be provided.

For further information please download the completed report.

Homeless Refugees in Hackney and Islington