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Welcome to Community Advance Project!

Community Advance Project is a charitable organisation working to engage and support communities, particularly vulnerable or marginalised communities. 

We work across London with all Communities, however our primary focus is East and North London, BME and Refugee communities. CAP is both a frontline and a second tier support organisation.

Our key areas of work are:

Older people

Services and activities that older people want to engage in, and bring positive changes to their lives.


Provide community health provision to benefit local communities in health and wellbeing.

Link statutory and voluntary sectors to improve health services that have real outcomes.

Organisational development

Training organisations to improve their skills and strengthen their organisations. Deliver
one-to-one support in strategic and development planning, moving them  towards sustainability and growth.

Young people

Engage young people to develop skills in multi-media and learn to play a greater role in leadership and supporting their communities.

DVD production

We produce information and campaigning DVD on social issues faced by our communities.

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